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Jantzen Rosales, tennis star

(K. Gallegos).

I don’t know why, but it changes over the years. Back in third grade, it was Snickers. Then when I got into middle school, it changed into Skittles and then Starbursts. Eventually, when I got into high school, [my favorite candy] became Twix.

I plan on studying business, ‘cause business is where it’s at. I don’t

(K. Gallegos).
(K. Gallegos).

wanna be like my freakin’ sisters and my mom ‘cause they’re all nurses, and no one wants to go into the medical field when [your whole family] is in the medical field, because it’s big competition, you know? Plus, I like math.

It’s numbers and it’s critical thinking, and you don’t have to read anything. I like working with numbers. I’m Asian.

I make myself laugh, honestly. I crack myself up all the time. Have you ever heard the quote, “If you laugh at somebody a lot you’re attracted to them”? I make myself laugh. So, you know, I’m attracted… To myself. I’m not even kidding, I mean who wouldn’t want this?

Some people call me a hipster, but I’m definitely not a hipster, and I’m definitely not mainstream. I don’t want to be any of that. I mean I’m Jantzen, man. I do my own thing and people can copy me and do whatever they want. I’m actually named after a bathing suit brand…

Back then when I was a kid, I was playing with my Legos, and then all of a sudden I really had to use the bathroom, but I was like, “Man, I gotta finish this up.” My toys needed a house to stay in, you know, but all of a sudden it’s all running down my leg. So when I went to the bathroom, I missed the toilet, and got the side of the wall, the side of the toilet and the side of the shower curtain. I just missed everything all because I wanted my toys to have a Lego home… It was like oh, 10 years ago. I’m more controlled now. But hey, you gotta go, you gotta go.

One day I really wanna build a time machine. I’m serious. I just really want to do that, and try gambling. I also want to go to the moon.

I’m not a big TV watching person. I like the news, does that count? My entire life I’ve been about that rap and hip-hop and whatever you’ll find on 107.5, but lately I’ve been realizing that their music is slowly becoming crap. I also like the oldies. They’re classics and c’mon, who doesn’t love classics? Music back then was so smooth. I like The Beatles, too. Everybody starts off with “Hey Jude” and then bam: instant liking of The Beatles.

I did tennis and I do FBLA: those are my main activities.

(K. Gallegos).
(K. Gallegos).

I didn’t wanna do basketball ‘cause that requires real running. Plus, I get great tans from tennis. And FBLA, I like competing at state, I met a lot of cool people. FBLA is like my second home, maybe third.

If I had a million dollars I’d probably waste it on the lottery. But I’m not 18 yet, so my second thing would be to build a time machine. Third, I have to go to college, right? And fourth, I’d save it, at least 30 percent of it. And charity, y’know? All charities are special and that’s what matters. I’m a good person… I’m nice. I share my time, I feed the homeless. I think volunteering is cool.

I went to church and confessed the other day. Amen. But no, of course, I go to church, I’m Filipino. I’m Catholic. I’m not close to church, I go there because my mom says so. My mom says, “Go to church.” I say, “Okay, Mom.” I, but when I told my boss, she called me a liar. We’re on that kind of level.

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