Song of the week: “Bad Blood” deviates from other songs in “1989”

Taylor Swift’s song “Bad Blood” is featured on “1989” (

By Courtney Thomas

Taylor Swift’s new album has received a lot of praise in the past eight months. The album, “1989” has had four hit singles, all on the top-ten list. The music video for “Bad Blood” was released yesterday and has already had over four million views in last 24 hours. The version from the music video is different than the version on Swift’s album; Kendrick Lamar is featured in the new version. The video has many guest appearances from stars like Selena Gomez and Jessica Alba. It is a very futuristic video, think Divergent’s Dauntless training. It is a different feel from the popular video, “Blank Space” but nonetheless, it is a great music video and song.

Taylor Swift's song "Bad Blood" is featured on "1989" (
Listen to Taylor Swift’s song “Bad Blood” on “1989” (