Parking at HHS is a problem


Adam Reckamp

The parking at Huntley High School has gotten ridiculous.

It has become an everyday occurrence for students to arrive at school, drive around the parking lot and find no parking spots. This issue is absolutely unacceptable but the school is not to blame.

The reason behind the problem is students, primarily sophomores, are parking without parking passes. People who do this show blatant disrespect and disregard for their fellow students. Instead of waiting for a parking pass to become available or buying a temporary pass like all the other students, students who park without a pass seem to feel they are better than everyone else. Everyone else should have to pay for a parking pass, but not them, no, they are too good to pay like the rest of us.

These people parking without passes are making the last two weeks before seniors leave way more stressful for everyone involved. Many students feel they can’t leave for their blended classes as they feat that there will not be a parking spot for them when they return.

Not only is parking during blended hours a problem, it’s a problem at the beginning of the day and during late arrival. There have been multiple instances this year where students have gotten to school on time only to find that they have nowhere to park.

There is no protocol for students in this situation either. What are students supposed to do when they arrive at school with no place to park? They can park in spots that don’t exist but then they run the risk of being towed. Or they can leave school and get detentions. This is a lose lose situation for students that paid $100 for their parking passes, and it’s simply not fair.

The school needs to harshly enforce the parking rules or this parking madness will become a larger disruption to the school system than it always is.