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Political Blog: Donald Trump may decrease in national polls
Donald Trump plans to ‘Make America Great Again’ in his 2016 Presidential campaign motto (Courtesy of

Donald Trump. We cannot seem to get enough of him.

The moment that we look away, new information about Trump is given that grabs more attention from voters. That is what Donald Trump wants to see; to always be in the spotlight and to never lose sight of his message to the American People.

Trump’s message is being heard in first hand voting states such as Iowa and New Hampshire. American voters are hearing Trump use his motto ‘Make America Great Again,’ and some Americans believe him. Whereas, others are skeptical of the tycoon.

Donald Trump plans to 'Make America Great Again' in his 2016 Presidential campaign motto (Courtesy of
Donald Trump plans to ‘Make America Great Again’ with his 2016 Presidential campaign motto (Courtesy of

    Trump, however,  will also continue to fight for his message in those voting states, never backing down from other GOP rivals.

    According to Trump, he claims that his rival Marco Rubio has policies related to immigration that are weak and how his voting record in the senate was an all time low for him.

Trump picks his battles well, and always sticks by his opinions.

Trump uses those opinions to battle other GOP candidates such as Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson. At the same time, Trump leads them in a national poll for primary Republican voters by 23 percent. This gives Trump a steady lead on his race for the White House.

    However, can Trump actually make it to the White House? Trump is no politician, but a businessman. According to Jeb Bush, GOP presidential candidate,  he says that Trump will have  a rise in the polls because of his attitude related towards hope.

   The question is can that hope slip? Trump knows about policies, and what he plans to do. Hence, with immigration Trump plans to build a wall around Mexico and Canada to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country.

    In retrospect, how can that actually work? How will it be enacted? Many voters believe that Trump may struggle as the race lengthens on serious issues that he may not be able to handle.

  For example, according to CNN Politics, Trump’s highest percentage of voters are African-Americans. However, Trump mentioned that he does not want to make that the central focus of his campaign.

    With that being said, what can Trump continue to do? Will he continue to strengthen the polls, or will he struggle as the primary draws near? Let the choice be yours. Also feel free to watch of Donald Trump’s campaign speeches in Iowa below. 

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