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HHS hosts Fall Choral Concert


Pianist Barbara Klein hit the first key as the Freshmen Choir began to sing “The Forest of Loo.”

The Fall Choral Concert this year included many songs, most of which presented the fall theme.  Two of them were in Latin:  “Lux Aeterna” and “Daemon Irrepit Callidus.”  Other songs included “Homeward Bound,” “Monster Mash,” “Jekyll and Hyde Madley,” “Swing Down Chariot,” “The Witch’s Trio,” “At the Round Earth’s Imagined Corners,” “Praise His Holy Name,” and “The Ballad of Sweeny Todd.”

Several parents along, with their children attended.  Barely any seats were left empty.

The concert was run mainly by students.

“My role is to help students learn quality music and then present their learning in a public concert,” said Choir Instructor Nancy Cross.  “I try to have students do as much of the planning and presenting as they are able.”

There were several soloists, including Daniel Kaye, Hallie Guttenberg, Kevin Mahon, Madeline Laing, and Alexa Bennet.

Instead of just singing the songs, the choir decided to act them out as well.  One of these songs was the “Monster Mash.”  This song was performed by the Freshman Choir.  The mad scientist and his monster, along with the doo-wop girls added some humor.  Sam Moore played the mad scientist, Nick Brannan played the monster, and Frank Mete and Nick Chung played the doo-wop girls.

The Witch’s Trio was the other song that was acted out.  Sung by the Treble Choir, this song consisted of witches surrounding a large cauldron.  The witches pretended to add  ingredients as they sung the recipe.  The cauldron gave off bubbles until the end of the song

In the end, all of the choir members got together to sing the final piece, “The Ballad of Sweeny Todd.”

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