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What to Watch: Top Five Soundtracks in Film History
“Good Will Hunting” provides an endless supply of songs to immerse someone into the movie (Courtesy of

In films, everything is important. From the cast, the quality of the acting, the sets and location, including camera angles and lighting. But one addition, often overlooked, can make or break an entire production.

Ever since the creation of the first film, sound and music has been infused to add to scene and create tension or senses of joy or despair. As films began to steadily evolve, so did their quality and their popularity.

It is almost impossible to ignore the score of any Hollywood production, as it is one of the biggest factors involved in modern movies. Below are my opinion of the top five soundtracks in film history.


“Adventureland” depicts the cliche plot of a boy falling in love with a girl. It may be cliche, but the film is amazingly acted and beautifully directed.

To add to the great film is the powerful soundtrack that moves the film along. Headed by alternative rock bands such as Husker Du and The Replacements, the soundtrack for the film is filled with teenage angst that coincides with the film’s plot.

The perfect depiction of the film’s feeling and that of the characters as well is extremely befitting as it creates a memorable feel through experiences many have gone through at some point in their lives.


This black-and-white cult classic is one of the best films on this list. From its profanity laced quips, philosophical conversations and its immature comedy, Clerks is the pinnacle of a perfect indie film.

The soundtrack contains mainly punk rock, grunge, and alternative rock bands such as Bad Religion and Alice in Chains. With such heavy hitting bands and well known tracks, the soundtrack is instantly catchy and will have you chanting along with each tune that blasts.

Mixed with deep conversations and the pure hatred for customers, the anger and speed of punk and grunge fits well for the setting of this cult classic film of the mid 1990s.

3-“Good Will Hunting”

Set in South Boston, “Good Will Hunting” tells the story of born-genius Will Hunting who lacks motivation and is afraid of commitment to a serious relationship.

With the amazing performances of Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and the much loved Robin Williams aside, the soundtrack for the film is outstandingly deep and heartfelt.

"Good Will Hunting" provides an endless supply of songs to immerse someone into the movie (Courtesy of
“Good Will Hunting” provides an endless supply of songs to immerse someone into the movie (Courtesy of

Lead chiefly by the American folk singer Elliott Smith, the slow tunes provide a haunting sense of happiness that can be felt in one’s very soul.

With anger, loneliness, and lost love being center of the film, Smith’s songs create a chillingly brilliant soundtrack for a brilliant film experience.

2-“Pulp Fiction”

Quentin Tarantino’s smash hit film of LA gangsters and boxers is one of the best directed, written, and acted films to date. Tarantino’s creative storytelling and uber violence is extremely prevalent in this mid ’90s masterpiece.

Fantastic storytelling and the exultant performances of Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta, Uma Thurman, and Bruce Willis aside, the soundtrack for this crime centered flick is a whole other world of excellence.

Director Tarantino has a love for unknown or lesser known songs, those of which are usually 1950s surf rock, 1960s pop and disco from the 1970s. His wide spread love for the lesser known tunes is well displayed in “Pulp Fiction.”

The same can be said for his directorial debut of Reservoir Dogs, which was a strong contender for the list but was bumped off by “Pulp Fiction” itself.

However, Stealer’s Wheel’s “Stuck In The Middle With You” is placed perfectly during one of the most violent scenes in cinema history in the masterpiece that is Reservoir Dogs. The song is excellent, and only ramps up the scene’s utter brutality.

With Dick Dale’s cover of the’ 50s surf rock hit “Miserlou” opening the film and use Urge Overkill’s award-winning rendition of Neil Diamond’s “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon” the musical prowess of the film is virtually untouchable in comparison to any other films.

The mix of unknown songs fits well with the mismash of storylines that make up this amazing film. The soundtrack is beyond befitting, and the closest thing to perfection as humanly possible.


The crime ridden streets of Los Angeles and Hollywood have long been the setting for hundreds of flicks for a countless number of decades.

It would seem that every story that can be crafted has taken place in the most cliche city on the planet. However, this is severely untrue in the case of this 2011 masterpiece.

Starring Hollywood hunk Ryan Gosling, this is the pinnacle of neo crime films. Without giving away spoilers, the film is perfect.

Aforementioned hunk, Ryan Gosling, displays his serious acting chops as a rather unlikely character, or anti hero rather. The well known Bryan Cranston also delivers a fantastic performance.

Story and acting aside, one thing trumps it all. The amazing soundtrack. Like all films on this list, no score was produced. Actual songs were used.

The film wonderfully employs a slew of techno, house, EDM, and funk songs that set the entire film’s mood among the seedy streets of LA.

The entire film is headed by techno group College, a rather unknown band that is outstanding. The nights and masterful car chases are tied perfectly together by College’s take on an old 1980s favorite.

The best song by far is “A Real Hero.” It is ominous, dark, modern and hauntingly sung into absolute perfection. It accurately describes the film’s unique and well-written story.

Drive boasts the best soundtrack to date, beating all others. But that is my opinion,go ahead and watch each other film on this list. Create your own list, watch other movies, and pay attention to the music. It just might tell an entirely different story.



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