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Interview with a performer: Singer Alyssa Schechtel

Schechtel (left) before a choir concert with junior Emily McCusker (Courtesty of A. Schechtel).

Junior Alyssa Schechtel talks about her love for singing and experiences being involved in school choirs.

How old were you when you first started singing?

“As early as 8 I was singing during show and tell but even earlier just by myself.”

Why did you join choir?

“I joined choir in 6th grade just because I loved singing!”

What did you first think of choir?
” I thought it was loud but fun and that the teacher was so cool.”
Why are you still doing it?
“I love singing in a group with other people and creating harmonies and the group becomes really close knit and nice to be in.”
What part do you sing in SSA and in barbershop pieces?
“I sang alto in middle school and freshman year, alto in sophomore year, and soprano this year. I sing baritone in barbershop.”
Have you tried experimenting with different sounds?
“I basically go wherever more sound is needed because i’m very flexible with singing different parts.”
What have you learned from that?
“I enjoy alto most, but singing super high notes in soprano can be fun on good days.”
Why do you enjoy singing? What does it do for you?
“I enjoy singing because it relieves stress and lets you express yourself through nothing more than music.”
Do you see this as a hobby or passion? Will you pursue it as a career?
“Definitely a hobby, pursing a career in music is extremely difficult and it’s just something I do for fun.”
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