Holiday Fashion with Rayne Zilch: Christmas edition

By Rayne Zilch

Oh my jingles, it’s already December. That means bye-bye scary costumes and hello matching Christmas ugly sweaters, matching pajamas, and big, warm clothing.  

This year, the most popular store to get these outfits is Target. Although they are kind of expensive for one outfit, they are very soft and comfortable. That is why they are such a big attraction.  But if going cheaper is the move, Walmart has lower-priced outfits that can still make the cut. This would be a good idea if the outfits are only going to be worn one time. Because who would want to take a picture in the same outfit that was also worn the year before?

The events this attire can be worn are Thanksgiving, Christmas day, Friendsgiving, and whichever day Christmas card pictures will be taken. 

Thanksgiving, even though it is not in December, is the start of the holiday spirit. Getting everyone in the Christmas mode. Families all coming together to stuff their faces, and later, gather by the warm fire all cuddled up. But of course they are not in their nice, clean clothing. Some families advance in their pajamas.

Christmas Day is the biggest holiday with family celebrations. There usually is no time to wake up in the morning and get ready and dressed nice because of everyone’s eagerness, so people typically stay in their pajamas. Lots of pictures are taken to capture the moment of a gift being unwrapped. In order to make these pictures better and cuter, matching pjs and cute sweaters are worn. This is another popular tradition. 

Friendsgiving is a popular tradition among teenagers. Close friends dress up and get together to eat and take a bunch of pictures. This year is the biggest selling year of matching pajamas. Fluffy pants and long-sleeved silk shirts sales have gone through the roofs. Obviously these cute attires make every picture better!

A way to spread Christmas spirit is by sending out Christmas cards. It is a piece of mail that is sure to bring a smile. So with pictures of the whole family, why not match? It will really embrace how close everyone is to one another. Especially since these cards are kept by the other families or hung up on a railing or fridge.