Thank You for the Music: “When The Sun Sets”

By Sarah Reilly

The stairs leading to the basement are riddled with extended play record cover art and different band logos. There is a couch to the right after the stairs end. A white sheet stands with a small shelf showcasing merchandise. There is a drum set with three microphones in front of it. 

In the corner stands a painting with a bright orange sun and the words, ‘When The Sun Sets’ painted in black. More photos of EP covers and other album covers riddle the walls. This small basement is where the magic known as “When The Sun Sets” is practiced and made. 

“This room right here, to be able to play down here, my parents gave this all to us,” Noah Evert, the bass guitarist of the band, said. They have a lot to thank Evert’s parents for, especially for this amazing place to practice. All members thank their parents for the support they have been given individually.

“When The Sun Sets” is a local pop-punk band that started with just three members in 2018 and now has four. They are located right here in Huntley, Illinois. Zack Baumgartner, the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, and Tyler Dombrowski, the drummer, are two of the original members. Evert and Harrison Hoffman, the lead guitarist, are both new members. 

“So, Zack started his acoustic thing and he was like, ‘hey man you wanna join and be like my percussionist?’” Dombrowski said.

The simple acoustic covers on YouTube have now changed to a band with 45,000 listeners in 2019. Baumgartner and Dombrowski have been able to watch “When The Sun Sets” grow from having just, “The Wave,” released in September of 2018, to their newest song, “February,” and first music video released just three days ago.

“So the song is about my girlfriend, it was a song that was halfway done when we got into the studio and my girlfriend was at the studio with us,” Baumgartner said.

The first acoustic song released by “When The Sun Sets” and is a beautiful love song. It talks about the comfort a significant other can provide you during the cold winters in the midwest. 

“When The Sun Sets” also tries to send a message through their music.

“Pretty much every song, we just want the listener to connect to it and know that they’re not alone in anything they are going through in their lives,” Baumgartner said.

“The Wave,”the first song released by “When The Sun Sets,” is a perfect example of this.

“The Wave is for suicide awareness, which is something we really believe in,” Baumgartner said.

Many people can relate to “The Wave”. It is about the journey of going through depression and being able to come out of it. No one is alone and if you feel like you, are the members of “When The Sun Sets” are all here for you.

“When The Sun Sets” also wants people to believe in themselves. 

“The whole message about that song is just even if you’re young you can do what you want,” Evert said.

The song, “We’re Not Just Kids” is about how age doesn’t define someone. Everyone is able to accomplish whatever they want if they just believe in themselves. 

“Whoever is reading this, listens to us. Thank you in advance for giving us a chance,” Baumgartner said.

“When The Sun Sets” is a tight-knit small band that is based here in Huntley, Illinois. Evert even went to Huntley High School and would perform during Late Start Live on multiple occasions. They care about everyone that listens to them. Thank you “When The Sun Sets” for giving us amazing shows to spend our time at. Thank you for giving us music we can relate too. Thank you for the music.