Huntley wrestling dominates Prairie Ridge

By Maddie Meucci

Huntley High School’s varsity wrestling team is successful once again in a meet against Prairie Ridge High School. The meet took place on Thursday, Jan 16. The final score was 48-24 with Huntley in the lead by 24 points.

The wrestlers are getting ready to face one of their toughest meets of the year against Marian Central Catholic High School. There is much rivalry between the two teams. They are both very successful, but it will all come down to what happens on the mat. 

Coach Gunderson has been working his JV team hard to push them to be the best athletes they can be.

“It has many challenges, but in the end it is rewarding to watch the kids grow,” Gunderson said. 

Freshman, Rafael Sobrepena, was moved up to the varsity team. He now wrestles with his brother, who is also on varsity. Rafeal is the only freshman on varsity this year which is a very big accomplishment. 

“I get to wrestle with my brother and other upperclassmen. They teach me new things and help me improve and learn from my mistakes,” Sobrepena said. 

Soprependa has been enjoying his time on varsity and has learned many new things from the upperclassman. He has been very successful in his matches this season too. 

JV wrestler, Junior, Grant Hochmuth, has greatly benefitted from this sport. He is inspired by Coach Gunderson and looks up to him. He appreciates everything that Gunderson teaches him and has improved as a wrestler thanks to him. 

“I am very inspired by Coach Gunderson because he is like a father figure to me and a great leader. He has really shown me the ups and downs to this sport,” Hochmuth said. 

Overall, this wrestling season has gone very well. Even with the ups and downs or injuries, the Huntley wrestling team always pulls through and strives for success while also displaying great leadership and sportsmanship.