Not Your Average Book Blog: A head-spinning novel

By Riley Murphy

Mystery, suspense, a chilling end, and to be honest a little confusion, are all important elements when writing a thriller or suspense novel. One of my all time favorite genres, thriller and suspense novels are either a fan hit or a flailing flop. I’ve been lucky to come across some pretty great ones and avoid some pretty mediocre ones too, but nothing compares to the roller coaster ride found in William Landay’s “Defending Jacob.” 

William Landay is one of those authors who isn’t really found praised in the media that often, but when you stumble upon one of his books, sit back and enjoy the ride because his stories will keep your head spinning. Just try not to vomit. 

“Defending Jacob” happens to be one of his most famous books with publishing companies such as “The Huffington Post” saying, “Stunning…a novel that comes to you out of the blue and manages to keep you reading feverishly until the whole thing is completed.” See, even The Huffington Post gets it. 

I first stumbled upon this fantastic read when talking to a friend who was reading it for her English class. She was kind enough not to spoil it for me, but she couldn’t stop going on and on about how addicted she was to this book. After reading it, I can finally understand where she was coming from. 

“Defending Jacob” centers in on our main character, Andy Barber, as his family is going through a little bit of a crisis. You see, Andy’s suburban life is turned upside down when a young boy is found stabbed to death in a local park. Even more shocking: the main suspect in the case is his own son, Jacob. 

What makes this book so suspenseful is as the story goes on, Andy discovers that more and more evidence is being stacked against his son and it seems like the whole town is against them. 

This entire book serves as a testament as to how far a parent will go for their child. It seemed like a good book to review this month considering how close adulthood seems with it being not only a new year but a new decade. 

While the book overall is a phenomenal read, what still racks my mind is the ending. I won’t spoil it because it’s what I consider to be the best part of the novel, but just know that you’re in for a treat.

If you’re looking for an enthralling book to read while the temperatures drop, I would suggest picking up a copy of “Defending Jacob.” 

Let me know what you want me to review next!