Teacher Talk with Samantha Pennington

By Kayla Sweeney

Samantha Pennington is a teacher here at Huntley High School. She teaches four U.S. History Blended classes and one Global Studies class here at the high school.

Pennington went to Eastern Illinois University, and then for her sophomore year she transferred to the University of Illinois and graduated there. Now to continue her education, she is going back to Eastern University to get a masters degree online. Her current degree is in bachelor in history minor in secondary education.

Having a degree in history and secondary education “made job opportunities easier because degree isn’t just focused on education,” Pennington said. Her favorite part of teaching here at HHS is seeing the students because every day is different, and she loves having conversations with kids and talking with them. She also enjoys talking about history all day. It is a passion and she loves getting to do it every day. 

Her largest adversity in life was helping brother, who is four years younger than her. Pennington always did good in school. However her brother did not, he went through a phase where he got depressed because school was not for him, and he started getting into trouble. At the time they were both still living at home with their parents. He is doing really good now; he is an electrician. He really enjoys being hands-on and because school was not for him.

“Schools do not focus enough on a non college route after high school,” Pennington said.

She thinks kids are just expected to go to college. But there are other options without college where you can still have a good future and accomplish many things. School is not for everyone.

Pennington enjoys rock climbing at Glendale Heights’ Vertical Endeavors. She also has a son who will be one years old on March 19. Her son’s name is Bryce. Pennington says he is the highlight of her day and the best thing about him is that he has a big giggly laugh and she loves to hear it. He is also starting to try walking. She also has a fianceé and they are planning to get married in 2021. Her plans for the future are to plan a wedding, have another kid, get her masters degree, and eventually move into a house with a nice yard.