Holiday Fashion: thrift shopping in March

By Rayne Zilch

What are some favorite brands of clothing? For some it may be the classic Nike and Adidas. Others, it might be Champion, Vans, or Billabong. Or people may not care about the brand, but just the look, feel, and price. 

Personally, I think that most of the popular brands right now are way over priced and over valued. Why go to a store, such as Nike, and buy something expensive that you could get in perfect condition and for only a couple dollars at a thrift store? 

Especially since some brands, such as Champion, were seen as “dorky” up until now. Most adults are shocked that the brands that they used to hate, turned around and became fashionable. 

Anyway, this is the time of year when the weather turns around with the awkward spring temperatures. For instance, it is too cold in the mornings to wear anything short or thin, but it also gets warm enough throughout the day that many layers will make you sweat. 

This is the perfect time to get new clothing. It is time to get ready for the summer weather and all the stores have the fresh and new designs on the racks, and people are donating clothes in order to make space for new ones. That is when thrift shopping is the greatest thing ever! 

Around sophomore year is when most of the responsibility comes around. Teens wanting to buy their first car, go out with their friends, and also eat an exponential amount of fast food. Parents aren’t going to pay for all of that, so teens have to find a job that will hopefully pay up to their expected needs. But with wanting so much, there is so little money left over. That is another reason why going to thrift stores, for boys and girls, is the better option. 

Let’s face it, being able to get a pair of $50 American Eagle jean shorts for only $6 at a thrift store is an amazing deal! Even though they are used, they are in perfect condition and that sounds like a win to me.