The anticipated album release of Niall Horan’s “Heartbreak Weather”

By Skylar Sharkey

Niall Horan has done it again. The former One Direction star just dropped his second solo album, “Heartbreak Weather,” on March 13, and fans have been eagerly anticipating the release since it was announced on Feb. 7. Following his first solo album, “Flicker,” a successful pop slash folk collab, Horan can really only go up from here. 

The first single of the album, “Nice to Meet Ya,” debuted Oct. 4 of 2019. It’s one of Horan’s thirstiest songs yet, but Horan drawls about his desire for a woman without coming off as sex-crazed or promiscuous. Audiences can guess how the story ends, if you catch my drift, but I wasn’t overwhelmed by explicit lyrics or heavy bass beats like so many other run-of-the-mill pop songs. 

The second single, “No Judgement,” is catchy, sweet, and entirely forgettable. With this particular song, Horan has not stepped out of his comfort zone. I got the impression that soppy boy band ballads are his forte, and he’s not straying away any time soon.  

The album kicks off with “Heartbreak Weather,” the album’s namesake, and I can tell immediately that Horan chose this song to play first for a reason. It’s hopeful and bright, fitting for the spring season, and the beat is incredibly infectious. 

My personal favorite of the album is “Put A Little Love On Me,” a romantic piano ballad; this simple song is stripped down to its bare bones, but it shows a more earnest and sincere side of Horan. 

The album ends on “Still,” a love song that leaves audiences wanting more. I especially enjoyed the slow build up of the song. 

“Heartbreak Weather” is the closest thing to a One Direction album I’ve seen since the band split, and I mean that in the best way. Former fans long for those heartfelt love songs of the old days, and Horan delivers. He’s concocted the perfect balance of past and present, drawing inspiration from the early days of his career, while also taking leaps and jumps, revolutionizing his music. 

It seems like Horan has really found his sound with this album. The background music is layered perfectly, never taking away from his vocals. While listening to this album I was constantly reminded that summer is coming, full of beach days and nights by bonfires. I can already see teenagers everywhere cranking up this album on their long roadtrips, wind whipping through their hair. “Heartbreak Weather” is where Horan found his niche, and I hope he never strays.