“The Roommate” provides a shocking, suspenseful experience


Courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment

By Grace Carpenter

“The Roommate” starts with a girl named Sara moving into college and then attending a party. There, she meets a drummer named Stephan who shows an interest in her. After the party is over, she meets her new roommate Rebecca who is basically her doppelganger which adds to the storyline later. Rebecca seems really sweet and even helps Sara come back to life after her night out. 

Sara seems to be majoring in fashion and is also a major extrovert. Her roommate Rebecca, on the other hand, seems to be an introvert and likes her time alone. Sara and Rebecca seem to be bonding by sharing secrets, going to get food, and spending time in the city together.

 After Sara comes back from a run, she realizes that Rebecca is wearing her necklace and in turn finds out that Rebecca was snooping around their room. Tracy begins to catch on to Rebecca’s dark side and tries to warn Sara but Sara does not believe Tracy’s words. Rebecca overhears what Tracy is saying and ends up attacking Tracy in the shower. 

After many more red flags, Rebecca ends up killing Sara’s cat in order to keep Sara as her roommate. Throughout the movie, there are narratives that Rebecca makes up to have Sara run to her aid. It seems that Rebecca wants Sara all to herself and does not want to share her with anyone else.

Sara begins to investigate Rebecca’s background after she starts hearing rumors about her. Eventually, she starts to realize Rebecca’s motive and figures out that she is living with a psychopath.

This truly is the story of a crazy college girl who is manipulating her roommate. I would recommend this movie for anyone who likes suspenseful and thrill-seeking movies. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire movie and it felt like the storyline would never end.

The movie includes many well known and talented actors which makes the film more interesting and engaging. Even though the movie was released in 2011, it has gained new fame on Netflix and was recently in the top ten most streamed.

This is an interesting movie for everyone to watch. It causes you to be on the edge of your seat and takes your breath away. The only emotions I could feel the entire movie was shock and disbelief.