How soon is too soon for holiday activities?


Courtesy of A. Harper

By Annaliese Harper

Christmas lights are one of the hallmarks of the holiday season, but should they be marking the season before the season starts? Within a week of Halloween ending, people are going up on ladders and stringing lights onto their roofs. 

One junior put up his tree two days after Halloween passed.

“I don’t waste any time,” Ian Calato said.

The process of decorating and seeing the decorations put up brings a source of joy to many during the odd times we have been experiencing. 

“It just makes me happy,” Calato said.

With all the current stress-inducing events, it is good to have something normal and joyful to lift spirits. 

In other years though, would this be needed? 

Not only is the end of the year a host for many different religious holidays, but also breaks from school and jobs and Thanksgiving celebrations. Although the holiday has a dark and cruel origin, it has become about coming together with family and friends. Before Thanksgiving, people could enjoy apple picking season, baking pumpkin pie and apple cider doughnuts, and watching leaves fall in nature’s own holiday decorating.

Would it hurt anyone to save decorating until after Thanksgiving? 

Actually, yes. 

Many people would not be able to safely go onto ladders and roofs once the first snow has fallen. It is a smaller risk to decorate earlier in the year, when the temperatures have not plummeted yet.

So, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing and satisfying, decorating for the holidays before the turn of the seasons could be a lot safer than waiting.

Additionally, Black Friday takes up more days each year. The Hallmark channel started playing Christmas movies in October. Stores started decorating before Halloween even passed.

What reason do they have other than hoping to gain more profit? Other than corporate sending them stuff to put out unquestionably?

Why commercialize so much of the holiday season? 

People start preparing for the holiday season early every year. If the stores are not selling the decorations that early, what would people decorate with? The stores would not receive any extra profit from putting their stuff out early if consumers were not buying things that early.

It is a cycle of supply and demand, but as long as people are being safer and happier by doing so, there is no problem with people decorating for the holidays earlier every year.