Snow Raider update

By Jon Hani, Staff Writer

The Snow Raiders are a very active, driven club. Members usually drive out to a snowboarding lodge and hit the mountains together. However, COVID-19 has left people wondering how they will be able to keep their activities safe while having a fun time.  

It is hard for them to come up with safety procedures that maintain the true bonding of the clubs, but they have been doing a good job of keeping students safe and having a good time. 

“This year because of [COVID-19] we are not allowed in the school. We have to do everything online and let them know if we have the equipment or not,”  junior Desaray Parotto said. 

It was a good idea to have an online way for the students to keep in touch and make sure they have the equipment they need.  

“With [COVID-19], we have to keep everything in our cars so we can’t sit in the lodge…We just go to the rental place and then head out to the hill,” senior Hannah Daley said.

This may be a problem for some students who may not have a car or are not able to secure a ride. Although they have still been able to have fun on their trips, they tend to have unique themes with costumes and games to keep things interesting. 

“Depending on the weather, we take trips every other Thursday..the last two [themes were a] onesie night and [a] crazy helmet night,” Daley said. 

It is nice to know that they can still have these traditions for every trip. Even when it is not snowing, they can use fake snow so they can snowboard more often. Although, we have been pretty lucky with the snow.

During this pandemic time, keeping this club running is an excellent idea. This way students can keep interacting and get outside of the house with their classmates while enjoying a shared hobby. 

The club members still seem to be having a fun time even with all the changes. It is truly amazing the way that the club advisors were able to keep everything up and have it run smoothly.

“A lot has changed but it is all still very well put together,” Parotto said.

That is always nice to hear because of course not every club is able to say that, the club’s Instagram is still used frequently and they are able to enjoy their school experience. 

It is awesome what they were able to do with this and overcome the struggles of COVID-19 while protecting the student’s health and keeping the excitement.