Angelina Jolie’s latest film thrills audiences

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Courtesy of Wikipedia

By Rayne Zilch

Hannah Faber, played by Angelina Jolie, is introduced as a heavy-drinking, bold, and adventurous firefighter who has no fear coming in contact with smoke or fire. That type of job requires someone with quick reflexes and no second thoughts. Faber has made that “crazy” reputation for herself.

After her judgement of reaction fails during a mission, resulting in the death of multiple children, she fails her psych-evaluation test which identifies her as more mentally unstable than the rest of her coworkers. Due to this, she is not allowed to continue participating in the role of being a firefighter. 

The film has a great way of demonstrating the heartbreak felt by Faber because of the loss of the children and the temporary pause on her career that basically takes up her life.

She continuously visits the building of the fire and suffers from major Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but still fights to get back to the main action of thrill and saving lives. 

The film was directed by Taylor Sheridan who loves making thrillers and stories with very stubborn characters.

Jolie was ecstatic to play the role of Faber because she was inspired to demonstrate the roles of people who are broken but still able to find themselves.

It was a really heartfelt film that was able to demonstrate irony when Faber was able to create a bond with a young boy named Connor, who is around the age of those who died in the fire. She felt their bond was a chance of redemption for her lack of judgement. 

Many of the action scenes best demonstrate the fear and reality of damage from a fire which really brings the theme of the film to life. Firefighters have to consistently risk their lives to save others and that is a huge message in this film.

Even though Faber is not an actual firefighter anymore, with her new connection, she feels devoted to help Connor with the dangerous aspects of his life that have to deal with his father. The film leaves an exciting turn of events as Faber is faced with her past adventures that she wasn’t ready to encounter yet.