The makings of a HHS athlete

Senior Drew Tafur puts in the work to have a successful final year on the boys varsity soccer team

Senior Drew Tafur dribbles the ball past his opponent. (Courtesy of D. Tafur)

Senior Drew Tafur dribbles the ball past his opponent. (Courtesy of D. Tafur)

By Bailey Lim

The voices of the crowds are overwhelming yet encouraging as the sweat drips down his neck. Drew Tafur receives the ball and he can invision himself at practice, kicking the ball repetitively into the goal. As he recalls his practice, he takes a shot at the goalie and scores his first point of the season, feeling the glory of being an athlete.

Tafur is a senior on the varsity soccer team at Huntley High School and plays left forward, right forward, and striker. He first got into soccer because of his family. His father always played soccer with his brothers and encouraged Tafur to get into the sport when he was only five years old.

“My friends and family have always encouraged me to get into the sport because they thought I had potential,” Tafur said.

Tafur has even played soccer for the district. He has been a part of the team since around fourth and fifth grade. During high school, he has played soccer throughout all four years. 

“Our team will always have each other’s backs,” teammate Bryan Kigongo said.

The bond of the team makes everyone feel like family. They each have their own roles to fill to help each other out. Tafur is a perfect representation of the team’s bond since he celebrates and encourages his teammates. 

“Drew is always hard working, playing on and off the field. He is always bringing up our spirits because he never gives up during a difficult situation,” teammate Marco Perez said.

During the games, Tafur is working his hardest to make a difference. When there is a point scored, Tafur shows his excitement to his teammates. When he makes a smart play, he lets the voices of the fans on the stands push him forward.

“I will look over to my family cheering me on and my teammates screaming their lungs out. It is such a glorious moment, making me feel like I am on top of the world,” Tafur said. 

He plays soccer because it feels to him as if it is his calling. Tafur feels joy and excitement being on the field on its own. He experiences warmth as he can hear his family cheering from the sidelines as he takes a shot on the goalie. Tafur has found what it means for him to be an athlete.