Coach your favorite football teams in Retro Bowl!


Retro Bowl kicker getting ready to kick the ball across the field (CC BY-NC 2.0)

By Lindsay Hunter

Football season has begun. Fans across America rush to the stores to buy snacks to sit on the couch and cheer their favorite teams on their television at night. However, when the games end, fans have nothing to do.
Failed National Football League games like Madden have tried to cure the fan’s boredom by releasing low-quality and unengaging content.

The good content comes after a paywall, where fans have to pay money to succeed in the game. The creators of Retro Bowl have observed these complaints, and have produced a spectacular vintage football game for fans to enjoy.

Retro Bowl allows you to coach your favorite team and play as your favorite players. The game is not hard to understand, you begin as a college coach hired by the NFL to coach a team. After choosing your desired team, you are launched into your first game from an overhead perspective.

What’s great about Retro Bowl is that it has a perfect mix of control and auto-play. There is an endless style of strategy to customize your team and perform, making it incredibly entertaining for players.

I loved the vintage style of the game because it made me feel like I was playing an old arcade game, like PacMan. I did not feel overwhelmed with visually demanding graphics. However, one of the best qualities of the game is its price.
“What really puts Retro Bowl apart from other mobile games is the free-to-play aspect,” said player Riley Shaffer. “I got to experience the whole game without having to pay a single penny.”

Riley also expressed how he liked the simplicity of the tutorial of the game. The tutorial consisted of only learning the mechanics of the game and learning about your player, a successful college coach. It also explained how to manage your team and draft players.

The game itself is rated for ages four and up, which shows how easy it is to understand the game. It is also the number one trending game in the Apple App Store. What used to be an indie game has transformed into a craze among football fans, and it is easy to understand why.

If you are looking for another app to get addicted to, Retro Bowl is definitely worth your time.