Monthly mysteries: Area 51

Jacey Sola

Throughout the years, people from all over the United States and even the world have wondered what resides within the mysterious United States Air Force facility of Area 51 located in the deserts of Nevada. Many people from around the world believe that this military base may contain information about aliens or even alien remains. 

Opened in 1955, the military base was originally established and used by the CIA to test prototypes for military aircrafts, such as the U-2 Spy planes and the SR-71 Blackbird. 

This may be a possible explanation for the thousands of sightings of UFOs, or unidentified flying objects, that were spotted in Nevada back in the 1950s. These objects would most likely have been the prototypes or spy planes used by the Air Force.

Another conspiracy theory is that an extraterrestrial spaceship is kept in the facility with possible alien remains. This theory comes from the Roswell Crash in New Mexico in which a flying saucer crashed, and some believe that it was sent to Area 51. This theory quickly spread and many truly believed that Area 51 was home to alien aircrafts and remains.

The CIA has never come out and confirmed these claims, which has led to people becoming suspicious of what truly goes on at the military base.

Area 51 has even become a meme, and in 2019, thousands of people banded together to storm the base. It all started after a Facebook post said, “Storm Area 51, they can’t stop all of us.” The post trended all over social media and many people actually went to Nevada to “storm” the base. While the visitors did not actually storm the base, thousands of people actually showed up. Unfortunately, no aliens were sighted, but there were live performances at Rachel, Nevada, the closest town to Area 51. 

While aliens might truly exist somewhere in our galaxy, it is highly unlikely that Area 51 is truly holding aliens or extraterrestrial ships. The sightings of UFOs around the base are most likely spy ship prototypes that are being tested. However, there is always a possibility that all the theories and conspiracies are true, but for now, it remains one of the biggest mysteries in the United States.