Halo Infinite’s amazing comeback speaks for itself

Halo’s newest release sparks interest for new and returning audiences, saving a franchise that was going stale


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New rendition of the video game classic, Halo, has veteran gamers excited

By Brenden Boyle

Everyone has probably heard of Halo, and maybe even played it before. For veteran gamers, most have probably come across Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4, Halo Reach, etc. However, it has been over four years since a Halo game has been released across all platforms. Many of which have not even been talked about in the gaming community.

However, the Halo franchise just released Halo Infinite on Dec. 8, 2021. This brand new game provides a fresh, new campaign experience for all of the players, even those who have not played the previous games in the saga. As expected, additional backstory and lore are present throughout the game’s plot, but they only serve to complement the overall narrative, not detract from it.

It means Halo Infinite’s story is familiar, accessible to newcomers, yet fresh and exciting. It’s also engaging from the outset. The game begins rather unexpectedly- Master Chief is beaten by an opposing enemy named Atriox, the leader of anĀ  army known as the Banished. Tossed into space, Master Chief finds himself stranded and lost as Atriox’s forces beat the UNSC forces. Later, a savior comes and rescues Master Chief, who then returns back to Earth to fight back against the enemies, and for humanity’s survival.

The rest of the storyline falls into place as the player fights the opposition. As far as multiplayer goes, a number of new playlists were added, including Arena Multiplayer Modes, Big Team Battle Modes, and Hidden Modes. Most veteran halo players will be familiar with some of these game modes, but newcomers may need to try out a bit of everything to see what they like.

So far, Halo Infinite has had incredibly positive reviews, including a 9/10 from IGN, a 97% on Google, and 78% on PC Gamer. The game just came out, so reviews may fluctuate, but so far it looks like it will be in the positive trend. Currently, Halo Infinite is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

PlayStation players have still yet to experience Halo, as the Halo franchise is never released on the PlayStation, due to their exclusive franchise contract with Microsoft. Halo Infinite retails for $59.99, much like any other standard game. Although the Halo franchise has not released any storming games recently, they have definitely knocked it out of the park with Halo Infinite.