A passion that few others can match Episode 2

By Megan McCoy

Soccer is a challenging game that requires immense concentration and attention to detail. Throughout my career, I faced plenty of setbacks but always learned from these situations. 

Training is essential and vital for players’ success. What I found most difficult at the time was training like it was a game. The game and the theatrics make it easy to play well. I was always impressed with my teammates. Those teammates were some of the best people I’ve played with in a long time. They pushed me, taught me, and encouraged me to be my best. 

Confidence is vital, and any great player will tell you this day in and day out. If you want to fire on all cylinders you need to put out a high profile so people can see who you are and what you can do. Working on a high priority and believing in yourself carries all that confidence and it’s the little things like going to practice early, leaving later, and working on the craft at all times. 

Mental toughness is also the main thing to keep in mind during the game of soccer. Soccer is just as much physical as it is mental and those who understand that earlier will be ahead. The game is a grind, and it will knock you down sometimes. It is those who can recover from setbacks that will be stronger going forward. Soccer is like school tests, it is going to teach you, it is going to fail you, and it is going to be on you all the time. 

Handling the moment is key in soccer, you don’t wanna be that selfish player. You keep score in soccer because people want to win. Sometimes the magnitude of the game is too big, and you find yourself coming up short because the moment is too big. When your nerves are high, you have to do your best to calm them, staying in your body is key and will give you the best chance to stay in your body.