A little bit of kindness goes a long way

Campus supervisor Angie Masi greets students with positivity at door one

By Maggie Kirwin

As students exit their cars, the cold wind immediately slaps their faces as they begin their trek towards door one. They walk toward the school, and they can not help but think about all the stressful tests and projects they have coming up. As they shuffle into the front office, they are greeted with a simple ‘good morning.’ 

This friendly face is campus supervisor Angla Masi. 

Masi started working as a campus supervisor at Huntley High School this past August. She primarily works at door one keeping track of students who scan in and out, but she also monitors detentions after school and the hallways seventh and eighth period. 

While she is new to working at the school, she is no stranger to Huntley High School. Masi is an alumna and now that she is working here, she hopes to be the person her high school self would have trusted and befriended. 

“When I went to school here, I had trouble feeling comfortable. There were a few adults like Mr. Stotz, my dean, Mrs. Miller, my counselor, and Mrs. Kowalski, my social worker, [who] made me feel comfortable and safe no matter what kind of day I had, they made me feel better and want to be here,” Masi said.

Masi has helped be the person students can come and talk to if they have an issue. Senior Zach Leitzke has expressed how much he appreciates her kindness. 

“She always asks how I am and one time when I went down to the office we had an entire conversation where she helped me through a frustrating situation. She’s relatable and understanding, and that’s what makes her so amazing to be around,” Leitzke said.

For those who do not confide in her, Masi still wants to make sure all students feel accepted and seen, even if it is just with a simple ‘hello.’

“That’s really why I am here. I wanted to be somebody that they felt comfortable with. I wanted to bring positivity to their days and make them [feel] welcome as they walked in the door,” Masi said.

While she interacts with different students every day, she primarily speaks with members of the junior and senior classes because they have off campus privileges. Senior Mia Simons may not know Masi  personally, but that does not mean her kindness has not affected her.

“Ms. Masi is always super welcoming and always brightens my day. She has made it a more welcoming environment and makes me feel like I matter,” Simons said. 

Despite how difficult this school year has been, Masi wants students to feel seen and loved. Her kindness and positive energy spreads to all the students that pass through door one. 

“I don’t want to just say ‘good morning’ to them to start off their day; I want to get to know them. I want to have a type of relationship with them where they can feel comfortable to come to me if they have a problem or if they’re not feeling safe. It’s what’s most important to me,”Masi said.