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Sophomore girls basketball ends season on a high note

Sophomore Britni Siwuda prepares to take a shot (K. Garcia).

With the final game of girls sophomore basketball behind them, the team ended its season on a high note when they took the victory against Woodstock North on Friday.

The girls prevailed 52-42 in the Fox Valley Conference Division Showdown.

Unfortunately, their whole season was not such smooth sailing.

“We didn’t always get what we wanted out of the season, but we made the best of what we had,” said coach Brad Gillette.

Despite their previous losses against Prairie Ridge and Cary Grove, they went into the game with a positive attitude and were ready to give it all they had.

Sophomore Britni Siwuda was one of the girls that was most bent on winning.

As the guard/post on her team, Siwuda was as eager to play and as ready to win as the other girls in their final practice on Thursday.

“I’m excited, and ready to go out and give it everything I’ve got, and end on a good note,” said Siwuda prior to the game.

Woodstock North High school was said to be on about the same level as the sophomore team, making it a toss up.

In retrospect, one of the most recent teams they played was Cary-Grove, and Huntley ended up losing by only three points. According to Siwuda, this was a pivotal time in the season because they all played really well.

They also had pivotal moments as a team.

“We’re all friends, but we have our ups and downs,” said Siwuda. “We argue, but in the end, we work well in a game.”

Which, of course, ultimately brought them their final victory.

“Overall, it was a roller coaster, but in the end we came together as a team, did what we needed to do, and got it done,” said Siwuda.

Despite a season where their wins and losses were mostly one-sided, the sophomore team ended its final season with a victory.


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