Varsity boys volleyball defeated by St. Viator

The relatively new boys volleyball team reflects after a tough game.


F. Brady

Varsity team member Daniel Baginski prepares to spike the ball over the net.

By Fiona Brady

Huntley High School’s field house brims with activity as the varsity boys volleyball players from both Huntley and St. Viator warm up for the upcoming game. Serves are hit over the net to prepare, and volleys fly back and forth. 

Once the buzzer sounds to announce the start of the game, the players dash into action. Throughout the game, different strategies and plays were utilized. For example, one player faked out hitting a spike over the net to fool the other team while another player farther down the net hit it instead. 

Huntley nearly went point-for-point with St. Viator as the game progressed, and put their skills to good use as they spiked and volleyed back and forth. There was constant encouragement to one another after each play. 

Sophomore Adrian Martinez, the team’s libero, saved a number of low-to-the-ground shots that would have otherwise meant a point for the other team.

As the game went on, St. Viator continued in the lead with similar strategies and teamwork. Though St. Viator forged ahead, Huntley continued to rebound and gave many impressive hits.

Despite the team’s strategies and plays, they were defeated by St. Viator with a score of 20-25 in the first set, and 18-25 in the second set. 

“We have ups and downs because we’re a younger team,” Coach Gerry Marchand said. “There’s times where we either play awesome or we play like a young team.” 

Though the team has had more losses than wins at 1-9 overall, they are developing more goals and strategies to hopefully bring home more wins and work better as a team. When the team is falling behind in points, that can bring down morale, which impacts the overall atmosphere of the game.

“If we could play an entire game at our best to compete with our [opposing] teams, I think we could pull some more wins,” senior Eli Gallaugher said. 

Gallaugher is a middle blocker and was involved in many of the strategic plays as well as bringing energy to the game.

“If we’re playing a hard team, if we’re competing well, the attitude is there. Maybe we’re not winning, but we’re trying our best to get it back,” Gallaugher said. 

Senior Evan Reincke, also a middle blocker, agrees that support is important to the game.

“The general atmosphere is good when everyone is talking and engaged in the game,” Reincke said. “We like that support from our teammates, and if we don’t have that, it’s just quiet.”

The team will do their best to secure wins at their upcoming games against Belvidere this Thursday and Rockford Auburn next Tuesday.