Family of four run eggcellent operation

The farm of Harmony Road is a fixture in the community


Z. Emerson

The family of four have different types of animals living on their farm, and they work nonstop to take care of them all.

By Zoe Emerson

Making the drive or being driven to Huntley High School is something that nearly everybody in the school community experiences. There are multiple routes that can be taken to Huntley High School, some including Del Webb, Talamore, or Huntley’s town square. 

No one route is the same, and there are many landmarks that can be seen on the way. Depending on which route you take, it is possible that you may miss out on seeing a certain landmark. 

Located on Harmony Road directly in front of the high school, there is a farm that nearly everybody has to pass, regardless of the route taken. 

The farm belongs to Robert Malicki and Tanya Wenk, and also living on the farm are two HHS students, senior Anastasija Malicki and sophomore Caroline Malicki. However, the four are not the only residents of the farm. 

Residing on the farm are a wide variety of animals, ranging from dogs and cats to snakes and chickens. The family has 15 dogs, five cats, 25 snakes, and a large number of chickens, roosters, and ducks. Other notable animals include rabbits, a bird, and a leopard gecko. 

“What I like about the farm is just laying outside and hearing the animals on the farm,” Caroline said. “What I like to do on the farm is play with the animals, get to know how the animal’s act, and I just love how it changes a lot.”

The family moved to the farm when Anastasija and Caroline were 16 and 14, respectively, and they used to live in Milwaukee and Wonder Lake, Illinois. According to Wenk, the family did not choose the farm, but the farm chose them. 

“We had been farming before, and we ended up moving into a residential area. We like the country,” Wenk said. “We love growing and producing our own food. It doesn’t have hormones [or] antibiotics.” 

Living on the farm is a lot of work, and everybody pitches in the day-to-day operations. According to Anastasija, the family does a lot of chores to keep everything running smoothly. 

“We clean up the yard, we feed the animals, and we collect eggs. We breed rabbits, dogs, and snakes,” Anastasija said. “We pick corn for the chickens, and pumpkins and apples.”

Wenk stated the family wakes up at 5 a.m. to feed the animals and start the day’s work. 

“You have to get chores done in the house, and you have to get chores done out on the farm,” Wenk said. “Then by the time [the girls] come home from school, jobs switch. It’s nonstop.”

Robert does more of the landscaping on the farm, such as mowing the lawn, while Wenk is in charge of family gatherings. Anastasija and Caroline are tasked with feeding the animals and collecting eggs. 

For Robert, his favorite part of living on the farm is the scenery, and he believes that it is a lot of fun to raise his children on the farm. Wenk agrees, additionally stating that she likes the quietness. 

“My favorite part of living on the farm is [the] animals. I love them,” Caroline said. “They make me feel [at] home.” 

Wenk adds that she brings home animals often, as she works as a veterinary technician. The family works day and night to make sure that all of the animals are healthy, happy, and safe.

“It’s very pretty on the farm, and you could do a lot more on the farm than ever,” Anastajia said. “You can run around, you can slide, [and] you can play ball.” 

Wenk stated that the family sells eggs to those who want them, and they have plenty of people who always want to buy some from their farm. 

“We like to share the experience with people who want to come and check it out,” Wenk said.

There is an endless amount of work that goes into taking care of the animals and the property. The four have thrown their hearts and souls into the farm, and it is evident that the farm on Harmony Road will continue to be a fixture in Huntley’s history for years to come.