Tumbling head over heels for holiday cheer

Lindsay Lohan and Chord Overstreet star in Netflix’s newest holiday movie, “Falling for Christmas”


C. Willig

Lohan and Overstreet play an unlikely couple in the new film.

By Carrie Willig

As the air drops to chilling temperatures, the coat thrown in the back of your closet begins to look appealing. You might sit around a warming fireplace or make a steaming cup of hot cocoa. As holiday cheer begins to overtake stores and Mariah Carey simply will not get out of your head, there is no denying that Christmas is inching closer. So why not welcome the season and sit down to watch a Christmas movie?

Lindsay Lohan and Chord Overstreet join forces in Netflix’s newest romantic comedy, “Falling for Christmas.” Lohan, who earned her stardom back in 1998 from Disney’s “The Parent Trap,” has been a forerunner in the acting business for most of her life. Along her path to fame, she starred in the hits “Mean Girls” and “Freaky Friday.”

Overstreet earned his popularity through his role as Sam Evans in “Glee.” He has also been featured on a few episodes of “iCarly,” but mainly focused on his career as a musician. 

The holiday movie, released on Nov. 10, has been highly anticipated since it was announced in May 2021 and has been in production since November of last year. The movie features bright scenes, funny characters, and the sappy Christmas love story we all crave around this time of year.

The movie begins with a highlight on Sierra Belmont (Lohan). She is the daughter of a famous ski resort owner. Because she is grown up with such wealth surrounding her, Sierra’s personality reflects just that. Lohan described her character as “extravagant, temperamental, (and) glamorous.”

After Sierra’s dad leaves to go on a quick business trip, Sierra and her fiance, Tad–the tech-savvy, egotistical, self-centered douchebag–head up to snap some photos on the top of a mountain. Before long, a strong gust of wind knocks Sierra and Tad over, sending them tumbling down the mountain. On the way down, Sierra hits her head on a tree.

Later, Jake Russell (Overstreet), a kind-hearted, hard-working owner of an overlooked local ski lodge, finds her and takes her in after finding out she has amnesia and can’t seem to even remember her name.

Before you know it, the two begin to find quite a liking for each other after spending so much time together. Although both Tad and Sierra’s father help her remember the elegant and spoiled pre-amnesia version of herself, Sierra chooses to cut off the engagement with Tad and grow closer to Jake to finish off the movie.

This story was just how I expected it to be. There was nothing surprising about it; it could fit right in with any Hallmark love story. One of the biggest issues within the movie was Sierra’s amnesia. It seemed that she remembered her “entitlement” at some moments. However, I find that this was added to help her character grow from the beginning to the end of the movie. Lohan did a great job of making the switch from spoiled to humble seem genuine.

One aspect that I adored though, was the side story of the loss of a loved one. Jake had lost his wife a few years prior and was finding it hard to let himself love Sierra for fear that he would forget his wife. The conversations between Sierra, Jake, and his stepmother were heartwarming and full of meaning. This piece was what made the movie for me. The connection to real stories the audience may have is always special.

So as you decide what to watch for the next family movie night, you might suggest this movie as an option. If you are looking for a classic story filled with good laughter and an uplifting message, you may have just found the perfect fit.