Shutting down the competition

Varsity girls basketball beats McHenry 54-29

The girls gather on the court during their Senior Night game.

B. Borchart

The girls gather on the court during their Senior Night game.

By Bailee Borchart

Music turned up as the varsity girls basketball team is warming up to go against McHenry with a record of 4-9 in the conference. This game will not only give Huntley a 14-0 winning streak in the conference but it is senior night, when Huntley celebrates all eight of the senior girls.

“It’s sad that our season is slowly coming to an end and I wish this season didn’t have to end because we got so close with this team,” sophomore Anna Campanelli said. 

The team is getting hyped up on the court while family and friends get excited to watch their kids play. The buzzer sound fills the room as both teams huddle up talking strategies and encouraging words before they play. Alyssa Koop, Mallory Winters, Gabriella Bitzer, Ali Monis, and Jessie Ozzauto step onto the court to start the game. 

Huntley wins the jump ball. Huntley takes it down the court, and Monis starts the game off with a 3-pointer. Soon after Emerson Gasmann on McHenry hits a 3. 

The Huntley defense is tough and on the ball as they steal the ball back to get back on offense, but McHenry is determined to get the ball. Ozzauto really stands out on the court making a remarkable plays on offense and defense, rebounds, and hustles down the court. 

The game is back and forth but Huntley makes their points count putting the end of the first quarter 11-3. The teams quickly huddle up as coach Raethz draws offensive plays on his whiteboard. 

The second quarter begins slow, going back and forth with both defenses strong. Then a fantastic play happens. Anna Campanelli saves the ball from going out, getting it to Ava McFadden and then to Cassidy Serpe for a layup as McHenry fouls her. This gives her 2 free throws. Serpe makes both free throws giving Huntley 4 points in one play.

McHenry makes fouls and travels back and forth as Winters sneaks in a few layups and slams a 3 pointer just before the half time buzzer goes off. The stands are screaming and shouting in excitement. 29-10 is the score at half time. 

Morgan McCaughan sinks a 3 right next to the stands as raider nation stands and screams. The stands are ecstatic. Huntley dominates free throws as McHenry is gaining a lot of fouls. Huntley sticks together and keeps the game fast pace and strong. 

“It’s a veteran group who knows how to play in close games and in big moments, and they know they’re winners and they know how to win,” girls varsity basketball Coach Raethz said.

Madalynn Friedle and Gasmann on McHenry try to get more and more points on the score board by hitting a few jump shots. They make the score 44-19 at the end of the third quarter.

The tension is high as McHenry is getting aggressive creating a lot of fouls towards the end of the game while Huntley wants to rack up more points.

As the buzzer rings the court fills with screaming and clapping. The parents tear up as the seniors walk off the court. Huntley dominates with a score of 54-29.