Getting back on track

Huntley’s second JV meet is successful with many athletes hitting a personal record


G. Sweeney

Girls JV track and field runners line up at the start before their race.

By Gretchen Sweeney

“Come on girls on the track,” Huntley track coach Jason Monson said.

With the conclusion of a successful set of field events, Monson corrals a sea of JV girl runners to the start line. Three teammates go to stand on the side as one runner from each team is left to start the relay.

Ready… set….

Although at least 100 people are in the room, it is silent and still, as if everyone is holding their breath. The tension holds in the air. The gun pops and the girls launch out of the running blocks, the 4×200 relay begins.

Batons are handed off as the first teammates reach their first lap. Parents, coaches, and teammates clap and holler cheers of encouragement.

“When you’re here it is a different environment,” varsity teammate McKale Hood said. “There are dozens of Huntley kids here but when they’re racing, everybody is family and you just want them to win.”

Varsity did not compete in this meet, but they were seen either helping out with blocks, field events, or on the inside of the track cheering on their teammates.

The co-ed JV quad meet consisted of Huntley, Johnsburg, Marengo, and Guilford, who all gave each other a run for their money.

“Today gives the kids an opportunity to compete against good competition,” Monson said. Since the meet was an unlimited entry meet, many athletes had an opportunity to compete.

The competition got more intense as the heats progressed, especially during the 60-meter and 200-meter dash.

Each team had many first-place runners. As it is so early in the season, many did very well.

“There were personal records for days today, it was a great meet and I can’t complain,” Coach Zack Borring said.

The JV meet was overall very successful and a good way for the less experienced competitors and freshmen to dip their toes in the water in different events.