Striving to be a professional boxer

Adonis Creed returns for another movie to find his place as a boxer.

By Grace LaLiberty

This review contains spoilers.
Adonis Creed and Damian Anderson are back to face off in a boxing match to see who deserves the boxing title. Creed III launched in theaters on March 3. This movie comes back for a third time to show the struggles of an athlete balancing out spending time with his family and boxing.
The movie starts with Adonis Creed waking up to go to a club and discussing with his friend Dame how he can win and earn a title in boxing. Adonis saw money in Dame’s bag and was wondering why there was so much, Dame just said “trust me.” As they went to grab food in celebration of his win, Adonis goes up to Leon, Adonis and Dame’s group home father, and throws a punch at him. This got him into trouble, so Dame tried to help him get out of it but it resulted in him going to jail, and Adonis running away. Two decades after he got released, he wanted redemption, by reclaiming himself as the best boxer in the world, so he asked for advice from Adonis.
Then, as the movie came to an end, Adonis found out that during the time Dame was in jail, he worked with Leon. Adonis regained his strength to battle against Dame in a boxing match after not boxing in a long time through intense training to get him back in shape. As the twelfth battle occurs, Dame uses a dirty play and punches Adonis in the gut, but before 10 seconds he gets back up. Adonis gets back his title of the Heavyweight Champion of the World. After his victory, he sees Dame and they both apologize to each other about everything that happened between them.
This movie has a variety of positives that makes this an excellent movie about boxing. One positive about the movie is that it shows how former athletes like Adonis can come back to what they started stronger and show they still have the strength in doing any sport. Another positive about the movie is that it teaches athletes how they have to tackle obstacles and overcome adversity in any sport.
On the other hand, even with the positive lessons the movie presents, it has its downsides. Some people think it’s disturbing, especially for teenagers, to see two boxers punching each other from their faces to the body because they feel it seems violent. People want Creed III to be a storyline that is creative but flows into one story just like the first two because they feel the events in it were out of order.
Overall, Creed III shows an inspirational story of an athlete fighting for his title again and teaches important lessons about the attitudes people have toward sports. It does well with showing what attitudes and skills are needed in a boxer. This movie is open to teenagers and adults to watch a story about an athlete’s status as a boxer.