Scream hits the theaters a sixth time

What’s your favorite scary movie?

By Sarah Christenson

Are you looking for a good scare? Scream Six might be the right movie for you.

Scream Six was released on March 10. 2023. Its budget was 35 million dollars. The film starts out with a woman on a date. Her date is lost and lures her into the streets of New York. She finds herself in an alley where she is then face-to-face with the one and only Ghostface. Ghostface takes their knife and plunges it into her body. This gruesome scene is just the very start of the brutal and bloody thrill of the film. Jenna Ortega takes the screen as Tara Carpenter. Her Co-Star Melissa Barrera plays Tara’s sister, Sam Carpenter. Throughout the film, you will see the struggle in the two sister’s relationship as they battle to survive Ghostface. Sam wants to protect her sister from getting hurt, but Tara feels suffocated. Their friends get caught up in Ghostface’s hunt leading them to lose trust in each other. No one is safe. Trust no one. The film contains horrific, gory scenes that leave you on the edge of your seat. Ghostface is unforgiving and ready to hunt its next victim. Bodies begin to pile up the further you get in the film. You will get a creepy scene on the New York subway full of citizens wearing Ghostface costumes. The group gets separated and must take different trains. The lights flicker darkening the subway full of Halloween costumes. Everyone’s eyes watch each Ghostface costume not knowing if any of them are the real Ghostface. Ghostface is not scared of attacking in public. Watch Scream Six to find out what happens. The end is unexpected and full of blood and violence. This film will feed your hunger for horror. If you can’t handle blood and violence, I recommend you stay home because this will give you quite a thrill and scare.