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Junior Kasey Kotsiris models one of her bohemian outfits (J. Zaprzalka).

They walk through the halls of Huntley High School. They walk past the washed-out red-colored lockers and walk along the boring white-brick hall way.

When they walk, they draw side glances and stares, more than any other student would receive.

What they wear is the cause of it. They add a splash of colors to the monotone school.


Gabby Scandura shows off one of her many flowing skirts (J. Zaprzalka).

Although it draws some negative responses, they proudly wear their long, flowley skirts, which they are always pulling down with their hands to avoid the fabric from riding up when they sit down. They will continue to wear their knee-high socks with polka dots or other funky patterns since they provide a warm sensation against their toes.

They will continue to wear their colorful tights under their skirts because it provides  comfort and they make the boring black and gray gym uniforms look colorful.

And they will continue to wear their knitted headbands, plastic flower clips, beaded jewelry, and bandanas simply because they want to.

Unlike the majority of the high school students, juniors Kasey Kotsiris and Gabby Scandura no longer feel comfortable wearing regular jeans, t-shirts, or sweatshirts.

The tight, harsh fabric against their skin feels as if they wearing a costume.

One look inside their closet and their old clothes can be seen neatly folded and placed on the neglected top shelf, sitting untouched for the last two years.

The main rack consists of colorful plastic hangers, each holding up one piece of their bohemian clothing. One look is not enough to take in all the tribal patterns, flower prints, and indie stamps that seem to flourish and bloom from the small, white closet.

And their own love for their style will flourish with them as continue to walk through the halls while the bells on their skirts jingle with every step they take.


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