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Huntley finishes on top at the slopes

Huntley won its first class 8A playoff game against Niles West with a score of 26-14
alex k
Raider Naton on their feet as Huntley takes the victory.

Cheers fill the air as Raider Nation leader yells into a megaphone and the student section exuberantly shouts along. The drums beat in time to their yelling as the energy builds. Although there are fewer people than in the first few games of the season, everyone is fired up and ready for the final Friday night lights. 

The skiing theme has come in handy for many to fight the cold as plenty of hand warmers and cups of hot cocoa are passed around. All are bundled up in coats, gloves, and snow gear. The cheer and dance teams, color guard, and band shiver on the track in between chants and stand tunes. Despite the chill, excitement hangs in the air as the team runs across the field in blurs of black and red. 

“It´s great that we made it to the playoffs again and I get to have a hoarse voice tomorrow from screaming. It´s so much fun,” sophomore Ashlyn Rankin said.

The game started with Niles West up by seven points, but Huntley trails closely behind for the first half.

Up through the middle of the third quarter, the teams are neck-and-neck. Huntley finally pulls ahead to secure yet another win. They played very opportunistic offense to counteract Niles West’s strategies and managed to secure a solid lead after some struggles.

Huntley has had a very successful season with a record of 9-1. Several players are ranked in the top 5 in the Fox Valley Conference for total passing yards, points scored, and total touchdowns. Running back Haiden Janke and quarterback Braylon Bower have especially stood out this season.

These successes are the result of many hours of practice, planning, and hard work. Each Saturday, the coaches watch tapes of the week’s game and that of the opposing team to strategize and create an effective game plan. Later in the week, the players practice hard to apply that plan and perfect the plays.

Although there were some struggles, the team fought through and came out much stronger. Each player gives their all every game to bring another win. For the coaches who have been with these players all season, it is very special to watch them players work and grow as athletes.

¨It’s a very unique bond these guys have, they do a lot together,”  head coach Michael Naymola said. ¨You always have guys who are gonna step up when it’s their time to play¨.

Next Saturday, Huntley will face off against St. Ignatius in Chicago. The process of preparing for the game has already begun, but it will be interesting to see Huntley continue through round 2 of the playoffs.

This football season has been full of excitement for everyone. Despite the temperature drop, Raider Nation brought the energy and showed up to support the team. 

“I can’t feel my hands, my toes, my ears, anything; but I’m still having a great time,” sophomore Grace Jedlicka said, decked out in a jacket and snowboarding goggles. “We’ve had a great season and it’s been so fun to come out to see the games”.

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