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Get ready to bask in eternal sunshine

Ariana Grande has made her comeback after three years out of the music industry, coming out with her new album “Eternal Sunshine.”
Having a study session while listening to  Eternal Sunshine.
E. Christenson
Having a study session while listening to “Eternal Sunshine.”

Ariana Granda finally made her comeback this past week, dropping her highly anticipated album “Eternal Sunshine.” Granda has been working on her new movie “Wicked” the musical and has taken a three year break from creating any new albums, but this album has made up for all her lost time from her fans. “Eternal Sunshine” is a true testament to Granda’s incredible talent and musical growth. Finally getting a POV into her life after these past three years has been an amazing eye opener. 

This new album talks about her past relationships, overcoming obstacles, and being present in the moment. But most of the songs on the album are referring to her ex-husband, Dalton Gomez, or her current boyfriend, Ethan Slater. 

Some songs discussing Gomez are “I wish I hated you,” “We can’t be friends (wait for your love),” “Eternal sunshine,” and “Bye.” “Eternal sunshine” is one of my favorite songs on the album because it gives the audience an opportunity to understand what marriage is like from her perspective and the reasoning behind why Gomez and Granda divorced. She discusses how “I don’t change what people say. We both know I couldn’t change you. I have never seen someone lie like you.” 

But some songs about her current boyfriend are “Don’t wanna break up,” “The boy is mine,” and “Imperfect for you.” These songs discuss the feeling of being in a brand new relationship but also have past trauma from relationships that have not worked out before. In “Imperfect” Granda is discussing how she is a mess but her love is unconditional and how she is overcoming her problems by being with Slater. 

“Eternal Sunshine” was an album filled with very short songs, the album was only 30 minutes long. Since this was her first album after three years of not being in the music industry I thought the album would be at least an hour long, which was disappointing. 

But overall this album was incredible and opened my eyes to a whole other perspective. The last song Grande added a recording of her grandmother’s voice talking about how relationships change you as a person and how if you are not in a positive relationship you should leave. “Eternal Sunshine” was amazing to listen to and experience, I would tell anyone to listen to it! 


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