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From broadway to the movie theaters

The musical version of Mean Girls hits theaters on Jan.12 leaving many fans dissatisfied
Provided by Paramount Pictures
Provided by Paramount Pictures

Musicals continue to take on the film industry as the musical version of Mean Girls hit theaters on January 12th.  The classic movie that grossed $130.1 million worldwide was released in 2004 and flew off the charts. With 25 award nominations, the movie quickly became everyone’s comfort film.

Director, producer, and actor, Tina Fey was the mastermind behind the original film and was able to be a part of the musical as well alongside former plastic, Lindsey Lohan. With stars that reminded many of the past, the musical had its differences. 

The musical has 13 songs that are performed throughout the film. Artists such as Auli’i Cravalho and Megan Thee Stallion had songs featured in the musical and performed by cast members. Regardless of the new opening numbers and flash mobs, the set of the movie was staged perfectly. With scenes from North Shore High School and Regina’s house, many fans took a trip down memory lane. Additionally, Most of the iconic parts of the original movie were interpreted in the musical. characters such as Regina George played by Reneé Rapp and Cady Heron played by Angourice Rice had a complicated friendship that led to many consequences but also lessons learned. As the two were fighting for Aaron Samuels, played by Christopher Briney, Cady lost the trust and dependence of her real friends, Damien and Janis. With modern-day jokes and references that engage our generation, the movie captures the growing problem of blind judgment. With scenes that talk about body image and self-love, fans can learn that bringing others down does not make you any better. In the end, the original Mean Girls will never be outdone and is still the fan favorite to many, but that is not to say the musical is not worth watching as it is still totally fetch.

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