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“Carrie” is nothing but a horrific remake

Image courtesy of MCT Campus
Image courtesy of MCT Campus
Image courtesy of MCT Campus.

“What did Carrie White ever do to you?”

Another adaptation of the book by Stephen King is brought to the big screen.

“Carrie,” an American supernatural horror film directed by Kimberly Peirce, throws us right into the terror.

For those who have read the book or have seen the previews, the movie is a serious disappointment considering what it could have been.

Squashed into an hour and 32 minutes, Carrie, played by the quirky Chloe Grace Moretz (who also plays Hit-Girl in the movie “Kick Ass”), plays a cliché outcast high school student with big eyes, a lanky body, and a scared personality to match.

When introduced to her mother, an over-the-top religious woman, Margaret White (played by Julianne Moore), who believes everything outside the home is dangerous, the plot starts to thicken.

Upon entering the girl’s gym locker room it is easy to see how cruelly those who are “popular” treat Carrie after having a bloody accident (to say the least), in the showers.

This introduces us to their gym teacher, Miss Desjardin (Judy Greer), portrayed to be Carrie’s “fairy godmother”, who punishes all those involved in the embarrassing mishap that just occurred.

Her kindness gives some hope to what seems to be Carrie’s misshapen life.

Throughout the movie, Carrie slowly starts realizing there is a change going on inside of her, and I am not just talking about her transition into adulthood.

It’s more like telekinetic powers.

At this point in the film, viewers are left confused if they have never seen the original movie or never read the book.

The fact is, it never gives you any idea as to how Carrie got the powers.

There is no vat of toxic waste or supernatural parents from another planet; it is as if they appeared out of nowhere, leaving you to take a wild guess.

When she begins her prom rampage, this is when things really take a turn.

You can guess what is going to happen at least 10 minutes before it does occur and the deaths are almost of the same poor animation in the “Final Destination” series.

The ending leaves it open to a sequel, but who knows if that will happen or not considering the comments made by those who already saw it.

Rating: 3.5/10

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