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Baking a spootacular holiday treat


imageIt is Monday, Oct. 28. While the clock ticks past 2:30, most kids at Huntley High are on their way home.

However, the 25 students that are a part of the Baking Club are sitting in the kitchens talking and laughing as they wait for the teachers in charge of the club, Samantha Schaefer and Megan Wheeler.

“I’ve been here for three years,” said junior Matt Clementsen. “I love baking and it’s something I enjoy.”

It is the first meeting of the year, and the group is making Halloween-themed cupcakes in spirit of the holiday. They meet twice a month and when there is a certain season, they bake a delicious treat to match.

As aprons and hair are being tied, Wheeler and Conover lay out the baking supplies and distribute them to each of the six kitchens, along with explaining what to do.

“There’s a lot of returning people this year,” said Wheeler. “Seniors, freshman; there’s a good mixture.”

The atmosphere is light-hearted, and everyone is in a good mood.

It is clear that the club is beneficial for students who, not just want to bake, but do something other than stress out about school work for a little while.

With cupcake batter in the ovens, everyone gets free time to talk with their friends and meet new people. Students seem to have a lot of fun and there is never a quiet moment in the room.

“I love baking, but I’ve been running out of time at home to do it,” said senior and newbie to the club Gwen Bartot.

Ahead of time, the group plans what they will make at the next meeting. In the past years, they have made food like cookies, mini cheesecakes, pancakes- simple things that do not take too much time to prepare.

“It’s cool to see the finished product,” said Schaefer.

The two can see that the students learn skills from following instructions and working with others.

Although baking is a simple task and a hobby, the members gain more than just a cured sweet tooth.

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