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It’s that time of year again, when the trees begin to change colors and holiday after holiday goes by.

But for gamers, this season can become a financial nightmare.

Tons of games, which seem to be in the FPS genre for the most part, are packed into this time of year to try and hit shelves for the holidays.

For those that cannot wait for presents, buying every major title that they want can be a difficult task.

It’s time that gamers had a single game that compiled everything that they want from an FPS into a single blockbuster title. The time is now. “Battlefield 4” is here.

Fans of the “Battlefield” series were blown away as they received a gameplay experience like they had never experienced before. Developer DICE delivered more than what fans were expecting.

“Battlefield 4” is a compilation of the best features of the games throughout the series, with new and exciting mechanics thrown into the mix. Through the power of the Frostbite 3 game engine, DICE has created one of the most visually beautiful and interactive FPS games to date.

DICE promised players from the first announcement of “Battlefield 4” that it would include a single game element that would change the way people play FPS games forever: Levelution.

This is the name that was given to players having the ability to completely interact with their environments during multiplayer games.

Want to close off an entrance with an object to deter your enemies? Go ahead.

Thinking about flooding an entire city to make it more difficult for other people to move around? Sure, why not?

Maybe somebody wants to bring down an entire skyscraper and all of the other players that are inside it. This is all possible through the use of the Frostbite 3 engine.

However, Levelution isn’t where the new features stop. Players are constantly in pursuit of new weapons and attachments they can gain by completing challenges or clearing campaign missions.

Only through completion of these challenges do players receive the spoils of war, adding powerful new weapons to their own personal arsenal, which all feel smooth and comfortable to use.

If the weapons aren’t impressive enough, DICE has also thrown in a few small features for those who asked.

Players are now given the ability to lean out from behind walls and pop up from behind cover without having to hit a button to make their avatar uncrouch. This mechanic gives players a tactical advantage over each other, providing a new way to be on both the offensive and the defensive at the same time.

DICE delivers an amazing campaign experience as well, creating memorable characters and heart wrenching scenes that keep players on the edges of their seats.

Players take on the role of Sgt. Daniel Recker, a lethal mute whose mission does not have failure as an option.

As Recker, players witness firsthand how a single small military operation can nearly start a war between two of the world’s largest countries. Recker does not tread the path of war by himself, though.

Accompanying him are his trusted squad mates, Irish and Pac.

Players are given control of these loyal characters, and can watch as the true nature of these modern day heroes unfold as they discover when one must do the right thing.

Overall, “Battlefield 4” is one of the most amazing FPS games to date.

Through the use of one of the most powerful game engines ever created, DICE provides an addictive multiplayer experience along with one of the greatest blockbuster campaigns a person could possibly ask for.


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