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“Blade Runner 2049” Doesn’t Seem to be any Better

By Braden Turk
October 8, 2017

In June of 1982, cult phenomenon “Blade Runner” was released to the public. With its cyberpunk world and sprawling universe, it’s no surprise the...

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‘Blade Runner’ still captivates fans

By Tyler Lopez
February 17, 2015
It may seem far fetched, but the idea of human-like robots has been a dream for mankind for almost sixty years. But the idea of murderous, uncontrollable and crazy robots is an idea man has not wanted to think about. Los Angeles. Nov, 2019. Earth has become a cesspool of crime, poverty and disease. Humanity has taken to the stars, and have begun the dauntless task of colonizing faraway planets and galaxies aboard massive colony ships. Replicants once walked the same streets as humans, worked the same jobs, attended the same bars and even shared affection for each other. But after years of violence, Replicants are outlawed from being on earth.
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