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Green poses with his car that he got all the way from South Dakota.

New member of the classic car club

Teacher Max Green buys a 1953 Kaiser Manhattan, joining the network of classic car owners
By Arianna Joob
October 16, 2022

On one of the first days of fall and when it was just beginning to feel brisk outside, teenager Max Green arrived home. He sluggishly walked up to the...

Turning dreams into a reality

Turning dreams into a reality

Jackson Celosky transforms his dream car
By Rayne Zilch
January 20, 2022

Not only does senior Jackson Celosky have a passion for hockey, but he also spends a lot of his time working and learning about cars. “I was around...

A car waiting at a red light (Steve Garry).

Stopped for nothing – should we change that?

By Emily Kindl
March 15, 2017

I’m sure all drivers, at some point in time, experience the test of patience when they sit at a red light, literally waiting for no one. Sometimes the...

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