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Trickster Cultural Center and students dance around to celebrate RAD’s third big event by listening to stories about culture and watching dance performances.

RAD hosts event recognizing indigenous peoples, Native American diversity

Trickster Cultural Center shares their culture with the students of Huntley High School through dances, storytelling, and songs.
By Ava Berardi
November 28, 2022

In the cafeteria of Huntley High School, you can hear voices quietly talking, and the sound of jingles and clicks fills the air as students gather around...

RADs second big event brings Trickster Cultural Center representatives and dancers to the cafeteria at Huntley High School

RAD holds a social gathering to hear about Native American culture

Trickster Cultural Center shares traditional dances, the origin of Huntley's Traditional Homelands, and more
By Nikki Darnall
November 18, 2021

In honor of Native American Month, Huntley High School’s Recognizing American Diversity club hosted an event with the help of the Trickster Cultural...

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