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“Wilder Mind” shapes a new tone for Mumford and Sons
Mumford and Sons released “Wilder Mind” that shapes a new tone for the band (Courtesy of

Well known Folk band Mumford and Sons released their third album “Wilder Mind” this past Monday. One thing this album brings to fans is variations of either love or hate. “Wilder Mind” brings about a whole new sound for Mumford and Sons. They step away from their banjos and switches to all electric guitars with this album and brought a more Electronic/Rock kind of feel to their music.

The band has been seen without their original style, not wearing suspenders, skinny jeans, or leather jackets. For many die heart fans this change is disheartening, putting the  Mumford and Sons we have all grown to love at rest and bringing about a new era of the band sounding similar to Radiohead, U2, and/or Coldplay.

Mumford and Sons released "Wilder Mind" that shapes a new tone for the band (Courtesy of
Mumford and Sons recent album release “Wilder Mind” shapes a new tone for the band (Courtesy of

This album may have its differences compared to past albums by Mumford and Sons, but they still have the same lyrical premise. I have been listening to Mumford and Sons for a few years now and I have always liked their music, and this change in style does not sway my opinion of the band. Many people point out all the differences in this album compared to other albums, but I see several similarities.

A few of the slower song on this album, such as “Cold Arms” and “Hot Gates,” reminded me of the older Mumford and Sons. The slower more methodical sound gives me the chills in a lot of their songs and thats exactly the affect their older music has.

A track that really stood out to me was “Snake Eyes” because it starts off slower and then gradually builds up into an Rock anthem. In a way the beginning of the song is their old sound and then it slowly transitions into the newer sound they have adopted.

Another notable song in the album is “Tompkins Square Park.” It has a very noticeable difference in which the song starts off with an electric guitar and basically showcases Mumford and Son’s new style.

I think one of the most recognizable elements this album presents is Marcus Mumford’s songwriting. Despite the change in style, their songs are still about struggling with relationships, regret, and striving.

Mumford and Sons may be going through a change, but almost every band will go through changes and in my opinion this is one of their better albums thus far. There are so many solid songs in this album and there seems to be more to come in the future.

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