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Jojis album was released on Nov. 4.

Joji’s “SMITHEREENS” is Nothing Short of Great

Singer's new album displays raw emotion and vibrant feelings
By Matt O'Connell
November 7, 2022

Joji’s latest album, “SMITHEREENS,” has culminated his entire career up to this point. It is very apparent that he was finally able to express his...

Why Dont We keeps the surprises coming

Why Don’t We keeps the surprises coming

By Amelia Pozniak, Editor In Chief
December 18, 2020

Times like this call for new music. Although the band name Why Don’t We is a popular title amongst teenage audiences, former fans anticipate a new album...

Kanye West finally drops his new album Jesus is King to eager fans

Kanye West finally drops his new album “Jesus is King” to eager fans

By Skylar Sharkey
October 28, 2019

Fans were shocked to find that Kanye West’s highly anticipated ninth studio album missed its scheduled release date of Sept. 27. “Jesus is King”...

Mumford and Sons released Wilder Mind that shapes a new tone for the band (Courtesy of

“Wilder Mind” shapes a new tone for Mumford and Sons

By Ryan Mills
May 4, 2015
Well known Folk band Mumford and Sons released their third album “Wilder Mind” this past Monday. One thing this album brings to fans is variations of either love or hate. “Wilder Mind” brings about a whole new sound for Mumford and Sons. They step away from their banjos and switches to all electric guitars with this album and brought a more Electronic/Rock kind of feel to their music. The band has been seen without their original style, not wearing suspenders, skinny jeans, or leather jackets. For many die heart fans this change is disheartening, putting the Mumford and Sons we have all grown to love at rest and bringing about a new era of the band sounding similar to Radiohead, U2, and/or Coldplay.
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