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“Poltergeist”: An Expected Disappointment
Uncover what you are afraid of by seeing “Poltergeist” (Courtesy of

I grab a fistful of popcorn and slowly eat it, piece by piece, until I can see my palm again. I pay close attention to the screen, waiting for something exciting to happen. Unfortunately, ‘Poltergeist’ failed to give me the enjoyment I craved.

All of the thrilling scenes present in the trailer were the only decent scenes in the entire movie, most of which occurred in the first half hour. The film starts with the Bowen family moving into a new home. The daughter, Madi, suspiciously starts talking to her closet. Her parents assume she is just talking to her imaginary friends; unfortunately, they thought wrong.

Later that week, the parents go out to a dinner party. While there, they find out some shocking news: their house was built over an old cemetery. While the parents are out, poltergeists attack the children, and capture Madi in the meantime. The remaining hour of the film is spent trying to get Madi back.

Uncover what you are afraid of by seeing "Poltergeist" (Courtesy of
Uncover what you are afraid of by seeing “Poltergeist” (Courtesy of

“This remake is awful in every sense of the word,” says an IMDB user, “No drama, no tension, no emotion, no story telling.”

This is the first movie I have seen where I can honestly say that the events occurring in the movie theater were more exciting than the actual movie. I must admit that it was quite funny to see a mother drag her crying daughter out of the movie theater, and it was a great source of entertainment for that short amount of time.

I am a horror movie fanatic, and being an admirer of the original movie, I was excited to see this remake. As expected, the remake did not even compare to the original. If you are planning on seeing this movie, do not waste the $10 on a movie ticket. I suggest waiting until it becomes available on RedBox.

After the movie, I overheard a man say that he fell asleep because it was so boring. I wish that movie companies would realize that you do not have to make changes to the original movie in order to remake it. Overall, I would give this movie 1 out of 5 stars, only due to the wonderful CGI effects.

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