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Huntley Boys Soccer defeats McHenry on Senior Night

The clock cuts down during the first half as Irwin Bhathal plans his next move.

White and orange filled the Red Raiders stadium the night of Oct. 13. Equal amounts of fans cheered in the crowd as both teams ran throughout the field determined to score the first goal.

At 28:59 in the first half, the Huntley crowd cheered as senior forward Max Trsinski (#9) scored the first goal of the game.

The boys varsity soccer team faced  McHenry High School in their last home game before the playoffs.

“It’s going to be a very challenging game for us,” said varsity coach Kristopher Grabner.

Defense man Irwin Bhathal (#8) runs the field awaiting the next kick during the first half.
Defenseman Irwin Bhathal (#8) runs the field awaiting the next kick during the first half.

Grabner had high hopes for the game, and knew that the team needed to beat McHenry.

The intensity of the game was exactly what was needed, the team is now 4-2 in the conference, and took the win of last night’s game at 5-4.

Every game the team plays is memorable, however as time comes closer to the end of the season; play time with the team is closing in.

“Every season is a life of it’s own,” said Grabner.

Every season starts out small and grows further into the season. The team becomes closer, and the play time shortens.

“[The] team will never play together again,” said Grabner.

He believes the team is filled with strong leadership from the seniors, they are very close, and have a serious game on the field.

Other schools get what our potential is and what Huntley can do. Huntley is known as “the big school,” as Grabner describes, and that “we have a huge target on our backs” for being so.

“We had some struggles,” said Trsinski. “But we were able to fight them and win our senior night.”

The season has been great for the team, and although the season is coming to an end, and they may never play again as one whole team, the memories are forever alive.

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