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Construction Affects Businesses on Route 47


New business, School Street Station Coffee Bistro, had a succesful turn out for Route 47 Construction Crawl organized by the Village of Huntley.

Construction on Route 47 has been a problem for travelers, but many businesses along Route 47 have been negatively impacted by the roadway development .

Papa G’s, which is a familiar sight along Route 47, is one such business. Many of their customers are Del Webb residents, and what used to be a 5 to 10 minute drive can now take up to 30. Additionally, there have been planned shut-downs because of a loss in revenue.


Plans for the future include the restaurant going from two entrances to one, with a concrete median allowing customers coming from the north to enter a secured entrance off Kenneth Street, which allows customers to be situated at the front of the restaurant. Since construction is not complete, however, the plans are subject to change.


At Huntley’s Dairy Mart, access to entrances have been difficult to get in and out of, but according to manager Steve Grechis things are looking better.

“Now that the rough paving is down on the west side of 47, it’s much easier entering the parking lot,” said Grechis.

Even though access is easier now, the past has been rocky. The restaurant was closed on two different occasions. One was planned, but the other was accidental when some power lines were cut during construction.

“We’ve had about a 15 percent drop in customers,” says Grechis. “But almost all businesses in the area are hurting.”

Despite the drop in customers, the business, which has been open since 1953, and will remain open through and after construction.


Despite the recent construction, many businesses are focusing on the positives, like the “Construction Crawl” on Oct. 7 that featured Route 47 businesses like Parkside Pub, Rosati’s, and Wisted’s Grocery.

The Crawl, organized by School Street Station Bistro employee and Village Trustee Pam Fender, was designed to encourage Huntley residents to go from business to business along Route 47 for a night of fun, friends, and good deals. Many of the businesses participating offered coupons, discounts, raffles, and door prizes to encourage more customers to stop in.


At School Street Station Bistro, the Crawl was a huge success. Customers mingled among the mission-style tables as the scent of coffee and cinnamon spice candles wafted through the air, and listened to the live music featured every Friday evening in the restaurant.

“We’re really happy with the turnout,” said Fender. “The turnout was two to three times larger than an average Friday night, which was encouraging, especially considering that the restaurant is relatively new at only five weeks old.”

The event held a personal significance for Fender as well, as Oct. 7 was her birthday.

“I’ve been trying to use every excuse possible to get people to come,” said Fender.


According to Fender, the idea for the Crawl was originally going to be a ladies-night-out event, but the idea was vetoed by the Huntley Chamber in favor of an event that included everyone.

“Overall, it turned out even better than I hoped. Every business put their own spin on the event,” said Fender.

Advertising for the Crawl included fliers distributed along with Huntley’s village newsletter, advertisements on, and many businesses promoting the event on their Facebook pages.

The Crawl has proved that despite the many challenges that must be faced during the construction and the tough economy, there is still life in Huntley’s Route 47 businesses.

“Overall, we have to have faith in the future of our country’s economy, our local economy, and Huntley,” said Fender.

Post Author: Holly Baldacci. Holly Baldacci is a sophomore at Huntley High School in Huntley, IL. She is a member of the HHS girls golf team, as well as art club and academic team, and enjoys reading, sketching, and hanging out with her friends and family. This is her first year on the newspaper staff for The Voice, and she is looking forward to many more years in Publications Production. She moved to Algonquin from Houston, Texas in 2000, and has been a student in District 158 since kindergarten. You can contact her at [email protected].

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