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Political Blog: SNL’s ‘Democratic Debate Cold Open’ Warms Hearts
Actors from Saturday Night Live mock Democratic Presidential hopefuls at CNN’s Democratic Debate (Courtesy of

The National Anthem was being heard by five Democratic Presidential hopefuls on stage. They all sang along as their right hands were above their hearts. Then the real debate began.

Two rivals said what they had to say in order to persuade American Voters to be on their side. However, the other three candidates introduced themselves to the American people for the first time as televisions across he U.S. broadcasted CNN’s first Democratic Debate on Oct. 13.

The Democratic Debate was America’s first look at the Democratic Presidential nominees. In a matter of days, Saturday Night Live put together a skit on how they interpreted the debate.

SNL has been around since Oct. 11, 1975. Decades have passed on and so have laughs heard across the nation. Many famous actors have been on SNL for years, including Alec Baldwin, Larry David, Justin Timberlake, and Will Ferrell.

SNL has also been known for mocking current events and they for sure did not disappoint with their skit on CNN’s Democratic Debate, calling it ‘The Democratic Debate Cold Open.’

Whether it be Kate McKinnon taking on Hillary Clinton, Baldwin showing anger for Jim Webb, Tarren Killam silently showing for O’Malley, or even the joker Eric Mooney laughing as Lincoln Chafee, these actors did a great job. We all have to laugh at least once at the remarks that come out of each of their mouths. However, the real star of the show is David’s interpretation of Bernie Sanders.

Actors from Saturday Night Live mock Democratic Presidential hopefuls at CNN's Democratic Debate (Courtesy of
Actors from Saturday Night Live mock Democratic Presidential hopefuls at SNL’s ‘Democratic Debate Cold Open’ (Courtesy of

We all know Sanders to be the go-to guy who is rising in the polls slowly over his rival, Clinton. Sanders is receiving a lot of attention and is gaining massive amounts of support from all age groups. According to a poll by CNN, Sanders won the debate. With that being said, Sanders did have a lot to say. Whether it be about climate change, Clinton’s emails, or even college tuition, Sanders caught the American people’s attention once more.

SNL wanted to then take what Sanders said in the debate and put him in the spotlight. David mentioned one pair of underwear, hunger, and even lost emails that came up in all of the small jokes that fans of SNL enjoy.

This brings ‘The Democratic Debate Cold Open’ to a close. Laughs were exchanged and humor always rose to the occasion. In the near future, CNN plans to have a second Democratic Debate in the coming months. I could only imagine how David’s interpretation can make a comeback as Sanders in the near future.

Watch the whole SNL  ‘Democratic Debate Cold Open’ below.



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