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“Pop Vote” plans to attract many youthful voters to the political process
“Pop Vote” plans to attract many younger voters to the political process (Courtesy of

The 2016 Presidential Election is almost upon us. In little than no time, we will  have our next world leader. It is crazy to think what that leader could do. Can they make college tuition free? Can they protect women’s rights? Can they preserve our environment? And can they help rebuild America’s struggling infrastructure?

Those are just some of the basic questions that we want to see answered in the coming years as many presidential candidates are all racing to the White House. Whether that be Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or Marco Rubio, all candidates need to be able to answer our basic questions and do their best to follow them.

Now, many Americans have been voting for many years. This is all shown in the 30-60-year-old range. According to, 69.7 percent of Americans voted in 2012 ages 30-60. This leaves the 18-24 year olds not so far behind. Also according to, 38 percent of the youth in this country voted in 2012. That is a start, and many presidential candidates will do anything to woo youthful voters.

For example, Hillary Clinton has her twitter fan base at 4.8 million followers. Many of the people that follow her are young. Why? Well Hillary is fighting for free college tuition. That is how she pulled in a lot of youthful voters. And she plans to keep them in her grasp by tweeting with emojis. It is also said that the youth love emojis and that is true, considering the fact that many youngsters tweet every emoji that they have on their keyboard.

Bernie Sanders is also trying the same approach as Clinton. Sanders had just recently launched a Snapchat to continue to spread his campaign message and to also connect to the youthful voters.

The youth will want be interested in something of technology that is involved. It also just so happens that more and more young adults are registering to vote at age of 18. Hence, it is very easy for the youth to get interested in a campaign for either the Democrats or Republicans.

This leads to what “Pop Vote” is trying to do. “Pop vote” is an app for the 2016 Presidential Elections. But it is not so serious as one might think. The app was released on Nov. 14 and will attract the youth just by the look of it.

Those who have played the one-time famous game, “Tiny Tower,” will notice many similarities in “Pop Vote.” “Tiny Tower” and “Pop Vote” look very similar due to the eight big characters. Hence, “Pop Vote” will immerse the youthful voters to ‘vote’ for their candidate against other players.

When you register for  “Pop Vote,” you have to complete the ‘Pop Voter Registration.’ You choose your gender, age range, race, religion, and lastly you check mark the issues of interest.

"Pop Vote" plans to attract many younger voters to the political process (Courtesy of
“Pop Vote” plans to attract many younger voters to the political process (Courtesy of

Then on the next page comes up the list of candidates in a column. There are many columns that go down, listing the candidate (eight big figure), and their party color. Then you can click on each candidate’s column and either click a plus sign to vote for them, or a minus sign to degrade their standing.

This will in no time be able to help see what candidate might be for a certain voter, and to help many new youthful voters to be welcomed into the political process.

“Pop Vote” is free on the app store and I would definitely recommend the application because of its usage to attract a younger audience. For the youth make history, and this upcoming election is a big deal.


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