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Song of the Week: Lady Gaga’s tribute to David Bowie
Lady Gaga is on the rise with her soon to be album yet having a release date (Courtesy of

With the 58th Grammy’s last night, I thought the song of the week needed to at least pertain a little to that. While they are not her songs, Lady Gaga did a compilation of David Bowie songs, none of which I know, but were all covered beautifully by Gaga. She used technology to do some kick-butt stuff in the very beginning of her performance. She brought her own personality and Bowie’s to the Grammy stage last night, and hopefully, she will be back on the stage again soon, with the release of her new album this year, which has yet to have a name or a release date. But if her new album is anything like this performance was, which, let’s be honest, it will be, Gaga’s album will be up for it’s own Grammy next year. She has won six Grammy’s and has been nominated for 17. If you’re like me and hoping she is going to tour once the album is released, here is a fun bit of information- it has been rumored that Gaga will be headlining at Lollapalooza this year. Fingers crossed it’s more than just a rumor! Check out Gaga’s tribute to Bowie above!

Lady Gaga is on the rise with her soon to be album yet having a release date (Courtesy of
Lady Gaga had a great 2015 and she will continue to prosper in 2016 (Courtesy of
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